How to Secure Jobs in Dubai 2019

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Would you not want be part of the Jobs in Dubai 2019? Moving to Dubai can be a life changing experience and can equally be a terrible expense-filled experience if you are not prepared for the belt-tightening challenge ahead of you.

Most of these challenges are mild for an expatriate or a professional in a particular field and more for a fresher.

There are several things to consider before moving to Dubai for a job, besides getting the job itself which is usually everyone’s primary concern.

In Dubai, which has turned out to be one of the fastest growing economy, According Statica their unemployment rate is slowly rising due to the influx of immigrants from around the world, especially Asians (India, Pakistan and Malaysia e.t.c) make up 70% of the population, Westerners about 3%, others and then Locals which are indigenes.

So the jobs that are available are being dragged among these immigrants that are ready to do any job for below average pay.

Besides the jobs, the security level of Dubai is world class, with strict law enforcement at every corner, every money earned in Dubai would be spent with peace of mind 

Due to these challenges one has to plan well enough before heading out there.

Dubai jobs with visa and Accommodation

A job applicant getting job in Dubai can be a difficult task that requires several actions by the applicant to secure the tight job hunt, since there are many people mostly Asians seeking for similar position.

The latter option requires patience because you have to wait longer while checking emails for acceptance or if it was rejected or keep checking job website if they are hiring again.

It is either an applicant goes to Dubai on a three-month visa and searches for jobs or the applicant applies online for the job from his/her own country. 

The surest means is securing a visitor or three-month tourist visa and then transfer the visa status when work starts.

Either way, most companies in Dubai sponsor an employment visa of their employee, which will be due for renewal in two years, if the employee wants to continue with the company, then it can be renewed. 

Besides visa, the big companies offer accommodation in shared apartments for about 3-4 persons while small companies or businesses might need their employees to live in or pay for their own apartments.  

Dubai salary for Waiter

This depends on the type of organisation the employee works based on size. Working as a waiter in Dubai restaurant or coffee shop on the street or cafe, the salary is usually around 1500 ($408) -1,800 Dirham ($490) per month. Now, working as a waiter in a renowned hotels or lodge, one would expect more and greater packages which goes for between 1,800-2,500 Dirham per month.

Hotels like the Burj Khalifa would go as far as medical insurance, shared apartment that would accommodation 4 persons, transportation to and from the workplace and then a plane ticket once a year. 

 Working for a notable hotels also comes with high chances of being given tips by a happy/satisfied customer when treated well enough.

Jobs in Dubai 2019 with no qualification needed

Small companies do not mind having an employee without a qualification. Those companies only seek your experience and whether you are suitable for the job.

While big companies require qualification of the job candidate. Since employing without qualification is against their company policy.

Mind you, employees on this category ends up being victims of seizure of visas or their employer holds their visa for them. Because of several reasons ranging from theft to meeting up for set targets. 

It is illegal for an employer to hold their employee’s visa, so beware of such an employer.

Can I get a job in Dubai without a degree?

Of course yes, Dubai being the most liberal emirate in the Middle East among other emirates and the most developed, though still gives higher preference to their locals irrespective of their educational qualification. Now, for a foreigner that is suitable for a particular job, but without a degree, the applicant will secure the said job, so far he/she posses an employment visa.

High paying jobs in Dubai without a Degree

Dubai’s world class speedy development across every sector of their economy has placed the emirate among the top dream job search destination as of today.

So do not feel out of place because you could not afford to go to school for a degree or dropped out of school because of unforeseen circumstances  

Most professional in different fields of endeavour without a degree that wants to enjoy the highest standard of living, high paying job and lots of fun activities chooses Dubai. Thus getting employed without a school degree requires some level of specialization.

We researched extensively on different fields someone in need for a job could learn within a short period or obtain a vocational certification on and earn well doing it.

Web developers (Front end, back end and Full stack developer) can earn within $50,000 – $100,000. You should not jump up just yet because of the amount, this depends on the organization one finds himself and secondly, being a web developer requires dedication to learn how to code and self discipline to completely master at it.

You are advised to learn the basics of HTML, CSS and pick any other language that comes easily to you from JavaScript, Python, MySQL e.t.c 

Underwater welders earn handsomely well doing the risk of welding from as low as $45,000  (Beginners) – $200,000 (Professionals) depending on which oil and gas company ones secured the job. Dubai built her economy on oil and gas and so are oil pipes that crisscrossed the emirate.

Mobile App developers can earn as high as $75,000 – $90,000. Being an app developer requires knowledge of programming languages. We live in a time smart phones are the order of the day where more than 2 billion people use smartphones and there are more than 5,000 apps on Google Play Store. Someone can be paid to take care of one of those apps.

Other professions that pay well without a degree are

Digital Marketer, elevator repairer and installer, Data Entry operator, Blogger, Content writer, Fashion designer, Professional Photographer/videographer, Actor and Model. And many more we could not cover.     

How to get a job in Dubai for freshers

If you are a fresher in Dubai 

  1. Get the Perfect Visa

Getting a visitor or tourist visa to visit Dubai or any of the other emirates is not a guarantee to an automatic employment or likelihood of starting work because it is against the law to work with tourist visa since you are a tourist.

Anyone that seems to succeed at this would likely get into issues with law enforcement agencies.

Before anyone gets to resume work in Dubai, employment visa would be issued to the person by the required authorization or secured for the employee by their employer.   

2. Learn Dubai Job Market

Learn like a child would while learning to talk, walk and socialize. A newbie in a new country should study the new environment and understand the mode of operations like the sound of early morning prayer call, the dress code and how to best secure job and employment visa. 

3. Brush up your CV

            Update your Curriculum Vitae

4. Network with Friends and Locals 

Family or friends that are already working in the UAE to help you to submit your application and source for employment visa because a UAE/Dubai resident has an upper hand over a fresher.

4. Then Apply online 

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