Work in Dubai: 15 Indisputable Facts

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Cost of living in Dubai

You want to work in Dubai? Working in Dubai is always over-hyped or underestimated by novices; sometimes people don’t consider how tough it is working in Dubai. Though it is barely noticed by high income earners. Things like rent, owning a car, bills would literally suck you dry faster than the dry air in Dubai. You must have been happy that income taxes aren’t in Dubai until the saved money is siphoned by the landlord.

1. Rent: 

Bed space Accommodation: is a type of accommodation  where you sleep on a small simple bed especially portable camp bed. In this type of accommodation, you will have as few as four people in the same house depending on the size of the house. A low salary earner are found here to avoid spending almost on his money on house rents depending on location of Dubai. 

Here you get to share kitchen and bathroom. The rent payment is around $250 – $300 per month with includes electricity, wifi and water. Air conditioning might be paid for separately. 

Partitioned room: There’s some level of privacy here since your room is separate from many others with a plywood and get to lock it while going to work. But then, bathroom and kitchen would be shared. The rent payment is around $400 – $450 per month.

Independent room: Here a flat is rented for yourself or you can find someone to split the cost with if your pocket cannot manage it effectively. It costs around $800 – $1000 per month.

A studio flat: This type of condo you pay the rent in your name. It costs between $1,300 – $1600. Here a tenancy contract is usually written and signed with the landlord.Some people agree to pay by instalments or pay in full.

2. Transportation

A lot of low income earners Pakistans, Indians, Bangladesh and Africans are mostly found in this category. They usually chose to stay in the Emirate of Sharjah since the rents there are less expensive to compare Dubai and then use mostly Air conditioned Dubai RTA Buses or Dubai Metro rail to and fro your place of work. It costs around minimum of $50 per month and maximum of $170 depending on distance.

3. Food

Cooking at home remains a better option than going to restaurants to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. That would literally tear your pocket before your next house rent is due.

Tips for living in Dubai

4. There is no income tax:

What you are paid as salary, is what you would receive as there’s no income tax levied on you. As compared to other expatriates in other parts of the world where your hefty taxes are heavied on you as the salary increases. The United Arab Emirates implemented payment of 5% VAT as of January, 2018 such that the emirates make revenues out of that rather than taxes on incomes. 

5. No more Thank God it’s Friday:

While in the United Arab Emirates, a lot of things change including weekends which starts on Thursdays and ends on Saturdays as against other places around the world. Thus in Dubai as well as other emirates, a new week officially starts on Sunday through Thursday. This is becuase UAE is a muslism country, Friday is a holy day Islam and People should not go to work. So try getting used to the new change. 

6. There are rules:

In as much as the United Arab Emirates is a liberal countries, they are still conservative in many areas. Thus always dress to moderately while going out of your apartment, because illicit dressing can get you arrested or even worst deported. Showing affection on the street, or Mall is outlawed. Snapping strangers without permission from them could land you in troubled waters.

7. It’s always hot:

UAE is located in the Persian gulf that is it basically in the desert. Thus, its geographical location affected the climate of the UAE such that during Summer, the temperature often hits as high 420C making one feel as though you are walking near a burning fire. So if you are planning to move to Dubai or any of the emirates, don’t be deterred by this revelation because the beautiful city’s infrastructure made sure that every facility be it a home, airports, offices, hospitals and even bus/train stations are all air conditioned.   

8. Alcohol drinking is restricted:

Before anyone drinks alcohol in Dubai, you must obtain an alcohol license from the authorities in order to drink it at your residence or enjoy it at a licensed club house or bar such far you do not drink yourself home drunk. Such would land one in the police net.

9. Vegetation:

In Dubai, there are too few trees around due to low rainfall and its geographical location. The only vegetation around the city were systematically planted by the government and its well designed that the trees and flowers are watered at all times.

10. Permission is everything:

Some of us disliked taking permission or being told what to do or being turned down for anything whatsoever. Your boss or employer, company’s and then your landlord gets to approve almost everything that has to do with an expatriate from employment visa, resident visa, alcohol license, rent property, have a phone or even a satellite TV.

11. Living in Dubai: Safe Haven?

The crime rate in Dubai is extremely low. You barely see a police officer walking about everywhere but then, there are security cameras mounted in almost every corner of the street and in building.

12. Are there crazy drivers living in Dubai?

The roads in Dubai are so neatly built and smoothed up that one would wonder if the roads were built for cars. Fast car owners tend to enjoy the limits of their toys on the roads causing harzards and accidents for road users. Please is best an expatriate use the metro rail until one understands their style of road usage.

13. Visa Challenge:

Even though it is illegal against the Dubai Authorities law that an employer must not hold their employee’s visas, yet some employers still do this, stay cautious.

14. Bank in Dubai:

Everyone needs money for financial transactions. To open a bank account in Dubai as an expatriate without resident visa, a few documents are required, but only an ATM card will be issued to the person pending when his residency visa is processed; then a cheque book is issued.   

15. Living in Dubai Vs Abu dhabi:

Both Emirates are beautifully designed in terms of infrastructure and general outlook. But there must be several differences, if you are an expatriate looking for much more fun, life of parties throughout the night, luxury hotels and superb condors. Not excluding lots and lots of tourists and many shopping malls then Dubai is cool, Abu Dhabi is best for you if wanted less traffic, cheaper rents and transport and much lesser tourist to compare to Dubai.

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