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How to use a Travel Guide to Plan for Education, Employment, Resources, Visas and Lifestyle

Do you intend relocating? Which country do you have in mind?

 Are you a new immigrant in a new home?

Or is your curiosity in line with what might be happening in other parts of the world?

In anyways you don’t have to worry about what the next state, region or even country holds for you, we at Yougad.com have taken up the task to unveil the truth that you need to know as you relocate.

Travelling is a whole lot of wonderfully amazing experience that every traveller would always want to have the memories to reckon with.

Imagine a world where people and places are so unique that every day and every location appears brand new with smiling surprises! Let’s go there!

Imagine seeing yourself witnessing a massive air plane hanging clearly visible up in the air without moving forward just like a helicopter, due to air traffic in an international airport in Dubai!

Imagine landing or transiting in one of the busiest international airports, London Heathrow Airports on arrivals and you got the privilege to see almost all the races in the whole wide world, I bet you, and you will be amazed with the wow experience!

Imagine waking up as early as 2:00 am hungry and you walk down the street of New York, you will be amazed with the varieties of aromas and different countries’ restaurant you can actually walk into:

  • Japanese restaurant,
  • Chinese noodles,
  • Italian cuisine,
  • Filipino aroma,
  • Indian spices,
  • Mexican foods,
  • African delicacies
  • Lebanese,
  • Sri Lankan,
  • Vietnam restaurants and pizza places and appetizing food are readily available.

Imagine living in California, it’s obviously like living in the movies, wow! You get to see celebrities, superstars, influential persons in your neighborhood. Movies are mostly often shot in locations you are very much aware of, that you get to see your neighborhood in the movies, what a wonderfully unique experience.

Imagine relocating to Canada as an immigrant and you are opportune to find yourself in the health sector as a nurse where you earn $38 per hour or on the average of $130,000 per year, moreover if you migrating from Asia or Africa as a farmer don’t worry, farm worker earns on the average of $11 per hour here in Canada.  

Travelling is way far amazing filled with fun, mind blowing experiences, in most cases with achievable ventures when the right strategies and advice are carried along.

Take a chance. It’s the best way to test yourself. Have fun and push your boundaries

                            Richard Branson (Founded the Virgin Group which controls more than 400 companies) .


How to Get Best World Travel Guide

1. Best Schools, Colleges and Universities

The bedrock of every nation is built solidly on Education, and every individual that continuously invest on his/herself would gather enough skill set today and to tackle future unknown challenges or a nation that spend her resources on Education would become an exporter of expatriates, and of course, rake income back to their country homes.

Here, we were able to come out from our rigorous detailed research with the list and insight of the best Schools, Colleges and Universities across the major cities and still counting, which would project your learning in achieving the best results of your endeavor in diverse walks of life.

2. Work in Highest Paying Jobs

In the direction with our Yougad’s vision to provide as much resourceful information as possible that would channel your decision-making about countries to move to in search for a greener pasture, we have researched extensively and listed several countries someone could secure a befitting job and earn a decent living in this section.

We were able to gather inspiring information from high paying jobs to best companies across major cities o the world for you to make the best of decisions as you plan to relocate for that dream job of your choice. 

Most people prefer migrating to places like;         

  • Middle East
  • Canada
  • United States of America
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Africa.
  • Asia

3. Top Trending Business Ideas and Resources

Wealth is amassed both in the form of natural resources and skilled resources across most cities and places in the world. In this section we made a collective write up of the resources and goods you can actually trade for as an entrepreneur or business person. The “how to” and best decisions to take that will profit you as an immigrant or local doing or venturing into business.

We will provide you with broadly researched, tested, and proven skill set and knowledge that pays better, and advise you on how you too can acquire such skill set. And then, provide you with the resources available and the type of goods found in different countries of the world and what an entrepreneur could do to source for those goods at an affordable rate.

4.  Relocating And Cost of Living Comparison by City

Where would you want to travel to? Get firsthand information from this section.

Are you are seeking to start a family in another country; you want to know about being a resident there?

What is it like living in the new country after relocating?

 From our rigorous research we were able to gather first hand information of the reality of living in some cities across the world:

The diversities,

Famous People,


Meals and Drinks Served,

Transportation, e.t.c

This information is necessary to guide you when making the best plan to relocate.

5. Unveiling The Best Visa Bulletin Details

Procuring a visa is always a joyous satisfaction that calls for celebration for someone that intends to travel. Achieving this task requires; knowledge of how to get approved, the processes involved and the requirements it takes.

 We went deeper to get the necessary required information in procuring a visa. Well informed guides about the rigorous process involved, and getting the right documents intact. 

This category will offer advice on obtaining visas and various types of visas, and then inform visa applicants on the pros and cons of different countries’ visas.

Our main focus is seeing you procure a visa successfully.